TUITION 2023-2024


(12 credit hours or equivalent per semester)

New York State resident*$2450

(Fewer than 12 credit hours or equivalent per semester)

New York State resident*$204 per credit hour
Non-resident$408 per credit hour

Tuition Notes

* New York State residents must have a Certificate of Residence on file in order to receive the resident tuition rate.

High School students may take College Now classes at participating high schools for $68 per credit hour for residents and $136 for non-residents. The discounted rates only apply to part-time students (students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours).

Part-time students may take off-peak classes for $136 per credit hour for residents and $272 for non-residents.

Fees 2023-2024

Student Life Fee (per semester)1 Matriculated Student2
12 credit hours or equivalent$164.00
9 - 11 credit hours or equivalent$144.00
5 - 8 credit hours or equivalent$74.00
1 - 4 credit hours or equivalent$47.75
Student Life Fee (per semester)1 Non-Matriculated Student
12 credit hours or equivalent$164.00
9 - 11 credit hours or equivalent$141.25
5 - 8 credit hours or equivalent$71.25
1 - 4 credit hours or equivalent$45.00
Technology Fee (per semester)
12 or more credit hours$325
9-11 credit hours$218
5-8 credit hours$110
1-4 credit hours$56
Health Insurance Fee 3
Fall semester only$1074
Spring and summer semesters$1495

Other Fees
Health Fee $10 per semester
Re-Registration Fee$25
Laboratory/Service Fees 4$8 - $675
Capital Revenue Fee (per semester) 5$10 per credit hour part time
$150 full time
Enrollment/Records Fee$8
Returned Check Fee$20
Deferred Payment Fee$20 - $50
Late Registration Fee$25
Online Course Fee$16 per credit hour
Parking Fee (summer session)$50
Transportation Fees 6 (Fall and Spring semesters)$75 per semester

Residence Hall Charges (per semester, Spring and Fall)
Single Room$4075
D Room Single$3950
Double Room$3545
Residence Hall Charges (Intersession)
Single Room$600
Residence Hall Charges (Summer session)
Single Room (session 1)
Single Room (session 1 and 2)

Fees Notes

1 Summer session student life fee is $3.25 per credit hour plus a $3.25 photo ID fee.

2 “Matriculated” means that you’re pursuing a degree at MCC.

3 Required of all International students holding non-immigrant visas (includes repatriation and emergency evacuation coverage). The annual health insurance fee will be charged on the student's fall semester bill. The health insurance fee is a non-refundable charge once the academic year and/or current semester has started.

4 Laboratory/service fees vary by course. Does not include Airport Rescue Fire Fighter and Hazardous Materials course fees. Does include fees for health related courses.

5 Capital Revenue Fee is charged to all non-New York State residents.

6 The Transportation Fee supports expenses related to full-service transportation including vehicle registration (on-campus parking), bike share, and access to bus services provided by the Regional Transit Service (RTS) with valid MCC ID, as well as maintenance and security of campus roadways, walkways, and parking lots. It is a mandatory charge for students who have at least one course at one of MCC's campuses and is charged to all residence hall students. This fee is non-refundable.

The fee for Credit-by-Examination is equal to the cost of one credit hour.

The student life fee includes $1 for a photo ID (all students), $4 orientation fee for students registering for 9 or more credit hours and $1 orientation fee for students registering for 5 to 8 credit hours.

Additional insurance fees may be required by some programs.

Monroe Community College reserves the right to make changes to tuition, fees and residence hall charges.
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